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August 03 - 05, 2024

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Since WAMA is a total nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization, the only way WAMA can exist, to fulfill our mission, is through membership fees, donations, and fundraisers. We ask you to please support WAMA in any way you can.

Pickersfest ticket sales are one of our big fundraisers. It helps WAMA support American Acoustic Music with fantastic festival bands, and lots of jamming. WAMA tries to keep the festival ticket prices as low as possible to allow as many people as possible to enjoy this great music. With the increasing costs of bringing in quality bands, WAMA needs your help more than ever to keep Pickersfest going strong. Sales of festival and WAMA apparel, WAMA merchandise, raffle tickets, and donations are other ways of giving WAMA your support.

We greatly appreciate you and your support of WAMA!

Festival and WAMA T-Shirts are ONLY $20 each, Pick Cards are $4 each, and WAMA Logo Stickers are $1 each. These items make great gifts any time, and especially during the holidays, for you, your family, friends, and others while supporting WAMA. (The Pick Cards and Stickers make fantastic Stocking Stuffers while promoting WAMA to other Acoustic Music Lovers.)

Fantastic Apparel and Other Merchandise!

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2023 Pickersfest T-Shirt - front

2023 Pickersfest T-Shirts

Our 2023 Pickersfest T-Shirts look great and are 50/50 cotton/poly - Heathered Indigo with a white print. They have a great Pickersfest Logo on the front and the 2023 Lineup on the back. Our Pickersfest T-Shirts always sell quickly, so hurry to get yours while the size selection lasts.

$20.00 each

2023 Pickersfest T-Shirt - back

2022 Pickersfest T-Shirt - front

2022 Pickersfest T-Shirts

Our 2022 Pickersfest T-Shirts are purple with a white print. They have a great Pickersfest Logo on the front and the 2022 Lineup on the back. Our Pickersfest T-Shirts sold quickly, so hurry to get yours while the remaining size selection lasts.

$10.00 each

2022 Pickersfest T-Shirt - back

WAMA Logo T-shirt

WAMA Logo T-Shirts

WAMA Logo T-Shirts are gray with the WAMA logo in green on the front. These T-Shirts are a wonderful way to show support for WAMA. There is still a good selection of sizes available.

$20.00 each

WAMA Pick Card

WAMA Logo 4 Pick - Pick Cards

These Credit Card Shaped Guitar Pick Cards with the WAMA Logo imprinted on both sides have four very good snap-out/snap-in guitar picks. By keeping one of these cards with you, you'll never be without a good pick. Admittedly, they're not your favorite Blue Chip or Dawg pick (and not as expensive), but if you see an instrument you want to try out, and you don't have your favorite pick available, you could have 4 picks in your wallet or purse. Just snap one out, try out the instrument, and when you're ready, snap it back into the card and put it away safely.

The internet has lots of websites that show you how you can make your own picks from old credit cards. They even show tools you can buy to punch out the right shape picks. None of those picks are as handy and useful as a single card like this, with four quality picks that you can snap-out and snap-back into the card, and keep them safely together in your wallet.

Please help WAMA! Buy lots of these cards for yourself, and to give as gifts to family and friends. Give one to someone you know is just starting to learn a picked instrument. Even punching out one pick and giving it to someone new to playing music will be greatly appreciated.

You say you play a banjo, fiddle, bass, or some other instrument that doesn't use this type of pick..... Just remember, you can still show you support WAMA by giving them as gifts to those that do use a pick with their instrument. They will be greatly appreciated!

Pick Cards are credit card size (3 3/8" W x 2 1/8" H)

$5.00 each

WAMA Logo Sticker

WAMA Logo Stickers

Logo Stickers are another way WAMA raises funds. Put these stickers on your laptop, instrument cases, and music binders. This way you show others you support WAMA and the promotion of American Acoustic Music in the Pacific Northwest, North America, and the world.

This sticker has a very splashy design that will look great on anything!

Don't just buy one for yourself. Support WAMA and buy a bunch. Use them everywhere! Give them as gifts and stocking stuffers to your family, friends, and anyone else you feel needs to know about WAMA.

WAMA Logo Stickers are 4 1/2" W x 2 1/2" H

$1.00 each


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As a WAMA member, you get a great discount on Pickersfest Tickets!