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August 02 - 04, 2024

Winlock Pickersfest Camping

Overhead picture of Winolequa Park

Hey campers! Did you know you could arrive as early as noon on Thursday? The festival officially starts on Friday, but the jamming, fun, and camping begin on Thursday!

Winlock now only allows camping during multi-day events like Winlock Pickersfest. Therefore, camping dates for Pickersfest are Thursday, the day before the festival, through Sunday, the last day of the festival. The check-out time for Sunday is 3:00 pm. All camping registration must be paid for at the Pickersfest entry gate.

Winolequa Park has plenty of room for dry camping for only $10 per night per campsite. There are mowed grassy areas for rigs and tents, as well as separate areas for tents only.

After entering the park, there is a small dirt road that goes beyond the fencing that leads to some shady camping spots under the trees. There is a very small turn-around on this road, so it is not recommended for big rigs.

Food is available at the festival, prepared by and supporting the Winlock Youth Baseball organization, at the baseball field concession behind the stage, starting at noon on Friday through Sunday Breakfast.

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Park restrooms are located directly behind the concert seating area (grassy knoll) on the roadside of the large covered picnic area. These restrooms are ADA accessible. Portable toilets are located near the main camping area and parking lot.

shower icon A coin‑operated shower facility is AVAILABLE! The shower is located in the large covered picnic area near the restrooms. (NOTE:  If you plan on using the shower (4 quarters for 1 hour), please bring lots of quarters. WAMA will NOT be able to make change at either the gate entrance or the Information Booth, and there are NO change machines in the Park.)

A children's playground is adjacent to the stage area, so parents and caregivers can enjoy performances while children play. Winolequa Park is a family-friendly spot! (We just ask parents to monitor their children so no loud noises are made during the performances. i.e., no throwing gravel down the metal slides and yelling, please.)

PETS: During the festival, well-behaved pets are allowed throughout the park and camping area, except in a marked off pet free zone around and in front of the stage and the large covered picnic area.
(Please clean up after your pet.)

Click images below to enlarge photos of the park.

Indoor flush toilets - Wheelchair Accessible Winolequa Park Covered jamming area includes a big fireplace Winolequa Park Stage Area Childrens play area next to the stage at Winolequa Park winlock-jammin' Winolequa Park Sign Winolequa Park Aerial View Camping under the trees Winolequa Park - room for rigs

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