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August 02 - 04, 2024

Winlock Pickersfest

Slow Jam

Slow Jam at Winolequa Park

If you are just getting your chops down on a new instrument or dusting off an old one, the slow jam is a wonderful opportunity to play with folks at a speed that lets you keep up and play with precision. Many jams go at break-neck speed and are not suited to players who are still trying to learn.

We primarily play fiddle tunes at around 85 to 90 beats per minute. We will play a tune slowly one time and then play it a little bit faster again. You are welcome to bring sheet music of popular fiddle tunes and music stands.

This is a friendly and non-intimidating way to start jamming and meet other like-minded people.

The Slow Jam is scheduled for Saturday from Noon to 1pm.

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