Winlock Banjo Picking Chicken

The 19th Annual


August 2-4, 2019


2019 Pickersfest Lineup

Richard Bennett - Guitarist

Richard Smith

From Bach to Beatles
and barn-burners to ballads

Audiences delight, when world-renowned
fingerstyle guitarist Richard Smith cuts loose

Having witnessed one of his live performances, fellow musicians and music lovers alike sing hymns of praise about world-renowned fingerstyle guitarist Richard Smith. With fretboard fireworks and lyrical endeavours he will melt your heart­strings, make your toes tapping and your jaws hanging open. Richard's ever growing repertoire comprises a wide variety of music from classical Bach to Beatles pop. It includes Scott Joplin Rags just like Sousa marches, Chopin, Mozart and fiddle tunes. It ranges from jazz standards to Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed and to Django Rein­hardt gypsy swing, not to mention his intriguing originals. He delivers both, light­ning fast barn-burners and beautiful ballads, occasionally spiced with vocals.

His incredible stylistic wealth is founded in a lifelong love for music. Born in Be­ckenham, Kent, England in 1971, Richard started playing guitar at age 5 under the instruction of his father. Concentrating initially on the country picking of Chet At­kins and Merle Travis, young Richard digested everything he heard, learning even the most complicated of these tunes with ease, and confounding everyone with his dexterity. It seemed that not only did he possess amazing physical skill, but a photographic musical memory as well. Often, a single hearing was all it took to get a piece under his fingers, using all ten to play bass, rhythm and melody simultaneous­ly and creating a universe of sounds, while easily switching between thumbpicking and flatpicking like hardly anybody else.

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Portland Radio Ponies

The Portland Radio Ponies

Patrick Connell (Guitar), Joe Suskind (Guitar), Kian Dye (Fiddle), Ben Ticknor (Bass), Brian Alley (Banjo)

A bluegrass collective featuring a rotating cast of Portland's finest bluegrassers, formed as an excuse for its members to stop taking their other musical projects so seriously and get down to some honest pickin'. The Portland Radio Ponies deliver a hard driving no-nonsense bluegrass wallop with all the charm their youngish mugs can muster.

Patrick Connell - Guitar, Joe Suskind - Guitar, Kian Dye - Fiddle, Ben Ticknor - Bass, Brian Alley - Banjo.



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Runaway Train

Runaway Train

Greg Linder (Guitar, Vocals), Kent Powell (Bass, Vocals), John White (Mandolin, Vocals), Clayton Hess (Banjo, Vocals)

Since 2000 Runaway Train has been performing at festivals, concerts and private events throughout the Northwest. As host-band for Shelton's Bluegrass from the Forest Festival every May and based locally in South Puget Sound, Runaway Train feature solid instrumentals balanced by tight vocal harmony. While respectfully holding to traditional bluegrass roots they aren't afraid to push the limits of the genre. They are certainly not your run of the mill band!

Band members include: Greg Linder – guitar, vocals; Kent Powell – bass, vocals; John White – mandolin, vocals; Clayton Hess – banjo, vocals.

See you at a festival down the road!


The Cowchips

The Cowchips

Neil Massey (Guitar, Banjo, Vocals), Al Miotke (Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals), Jeff Anderson (Cowboy Harmonica, Swinging Clarinet), Bob Johnson (Bass, Vocals)

The Cowchips band plays a mix of western swing, bluegrass and cowboy tunes with a tight musical sound and three-part harmony reminiscent of Western swing bands from the 1940's. The group’s current lineup all play multiple instruments and have been together since 2004. Al Miotke, the newest member of the group, brings a background of country, oldies and classic rock while providing melodic mandolin, guitar and vocals to the group. Jeff Anderson, well known for his talent in Dixieland Jazz, can't be topped for cowboy harmonica and swinging clarinet. Bob Johnson and his big ol' bass fiddle holds down the rhythm section and sings high harmony. Neil Massey, the heart of this old-timey group, plays guitar, banjo, fiddle and delivers some of the best darn cowboy vocals anywhere. You're sure to be smiling and tapping your feet when the Cowchips take the stage.


Ash Creek

Ash Creek

Tim Howell (Guitar, Vocals), Gene Alger (banjo, Vocals), Larry Ullman (Bass, Vocals), Clayton Knight (Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals)

Ash Creek explores the frontiers between bluegrass, folk, and traditional country music.

You’ll hear classic bluegrass, along with tunes of more recent vintage, including original songs that just sound old. A good song is a good song, and it’s better with a banjo or a fiddle.

Tim Howell plays guitar; Gene Alger plays banjo; Larry Ullman plays bass; Clayton Knight plays mandolin and fiddle. We all share lead and harmony vocals.

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Jackson Linder - Audio Technician

Jackson Linder
Pickersfest Audio Technician

WAMA is proud to have Jackson Linder back again as the Pickersfest Audio Technician. Jackson does a fantastic job in helping the bands at Pickersfest sound their best for our audiences.

Thank you, Jackson, for all your hard work!




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