2017 Raffle


This year’s Picker’s Fest Raffle is for a hand-carved  The Loar LM-520-VS mandolin with a hard case.  This is about a $650 value (suggested retail is much higher).  This hand-carved, fully graduated spruce top and hand-carved maple back mandolin has a great tone.

To see more information about this great mandolin  Click Here.

Raffle Ticket price is only $5, so you’ll want to get in line and buy a bunch!  100% of the proceeds go to support WAMA (a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization).

You can view this great mandolin at our Information Booth.  Be sure to check it out along with other great Pickers’s Fest Regalia (Pickers’ Fest and WAMA T-shirts, WAMA Pick Cards, and WAMA stickers), all of which support WAMABuy a lot and give as gifts!